Travis Turbyfill, 27

Hugging Travis Turbyfill was like wrapping your arms around rock, his mother said. Or, according to his grandmother, like hugging a refrigerator.

He was 6-foot-4, brawny enough to lug chainsaws and heavy fire gear up steep mountain slopes and do endless rounds of squats and pull-ups. But he was also tender, family and friends said. He would cradle his two young daughters in his arms at once and happily change dirty diapers while his wife, Stephanie, was at work.

Mr. Turbyfill had enlisted as a Marine but was medically discharged after being injured in a training exercise, said his mother, Colleen. Having grown up in a family of firefighters, he leaped at the chance to work with the Granite Mountain Hotshots.

He had been a full-time member of the team for about a year, his family said, but had hoped to move to a less demanding career, working as an engineer for his hometown, Prescott.

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travis turbyfill