Travis Carter, 31

Four days before he died, Travis Carter stopped by the gym to say hello to his trainer and discuss what had been a tough few weeks. He and his crew had been fighting a blaze northwest of Prescott and had not been able to return home to spend the nights with their families, Mr. Carter told his trainer and gym buddy, Tony Burris.

Family was everything to Mr. Carter. Local news reports quoted his wife, Krista, as saying that he loved his two children, 6 and 3 years old, “more than anything.”

“That’s what he lived for,” she said. “Seeing them happy and having family time.”

As one of the older members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, Mr. Carter often assumed a leadership role, Mr. Burris said — one visible in how he carried himself on and off the job.

“He was kind of their fearless leader,” Mr. Burris said. “He was always carrying the biggest chainsaws. He was always out in front of the pack.”

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